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Moorbank House Has Free Car Parking

Do You Need Parking?

Moorbank House  Provides Free Car Parking

(for guests who book either through this website or direct with us over the telephone).

Please see our terms and conditions page for details of this policy.

Parking in some parts of Blackpool can be difficult and expensive if not provided at your Bed and Breakfast.

These are additional costs you need to factor into your stay if you do not plan ahead for it.

Whenever considering accommodation in Blackpool make sure you check you can park. Some will not be able to park you for lack of space expecting you to park in the street or will charge for the service. Moorbank House offers off street parking at no additional charge.

Public car parks are available throughout the town but can cost you up to a hefty £13 per day!

Most of the town now has Street Parking Restrictions from Easter to the end of the Illuminations with double yellow lines down at least one side of most streets. The local Parking Attendants patrol these areas hourly and are not strangers when it comes to dishing out tickets. Not to mention controlled parking zones across some areas.

REMEMBER – In Blackpool car parking can be difficult and soon becomes expensive if onsite parking is not included in the price!

B&B Blackpool Free Car Parking- Moorbank House

Council and other Private Car Parks in Blackpool can charge up to £13.00 a day

If you have any special needs eg disability and need access to your car please let us know when you book As we have spaces to the front of the property close to the main entrance.

If you have an extra large car, or a 4×4 or similar and need extra space please let us know in advance of your arrival. We can accommodate large type Transit vans (we welcome contractors) or mini buses- but you need to confirm this with us in advance of your arrival!

We’ve never had any problems but for legal purposes we must remind you that we are unable to accept any responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents, however this may have been caused.

Our parking areas both front and rear are not gated but all areas are well lit and covered by our CCTV.

For an up to date example of what Blackpool Council charge on their car parks look here: Blackpool Council Parking Charges 2016/17

You may also have to park some distance from your chosen B&B.. This Map Gives the locations in relation to the holiday accommodation areas you will recognise the car park names from the Council parking charges list.