Moorbank House South Shore Blackpool

If you are looking for clean cheap family bed and breakfast accommodation in Blackpool Moorbank House will fit the bill.

B&B Blackpool

Moorbank House is Set in the Heart of Blackpool Close to All Major Blackpool Attractions

Moorbank House Offers Free Parking for Guests.

Blackpool Transport 2012 Tram Fare Prices

Correct as at 26th June 2012

Blackpool Tram Map

Blackpool Tram Map Main Stops Only

Blackpool Tram Fares:

One Stop        £1.00    Up to 4 Stops £1.50     Up to 11 Stops £2.00     Up to 20 stops £2.50

Saver Tickets – Give unlimited Travel on Trams (not heritage trams) and the Blackpool bus network.

Purchased in Advance from Blackpool Transport travel centre in Market Street or Rigby Road or at over 100 paypoint agents (convenience stores around Blackpool)

Adult    £3.50  (£4.50 if purchased on bus or tram)

Child   £2.00  (£2.25 if Purchased on Bus or tram)

Daily Family 2 Adults and 2 Children or 1 Adult 3 Children £9.00

Blackpool Flexity Tram on the Tramway in South Shore

Blackpool Flexity Tram on the Tramway in South Shore

3 Day Adult £10.50

Weekly Adult £13.50 (£14.00 if purchased on bus or tram)

Weekly Child £7.00

Monthly Adult £50.00


Prices for the Blackpool Heritage Trams are Available Here

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Wristband Codes

This site often gets hits with people looking for Pleasure Beach Wristband Codes. In fact close scrutiny of our web tracking software seems to suggest these often outstrip searches for accommodation in Blackpool. We do of course publish them as and when we receive them as with other Blackpool Pleasure Beach News but that is not to say that all codes will always be current as they will not.

Some of the favourite search terms used to track down the codes and which bring people to this site are thus:

Pleasure Beach Voucher Search Information 2

So from this we can deduce there is a great deal of interest in tracking down that special deal which will save a family a few pounds on the day out in Blackpool.

The aim of this text is to try and inform those searching out codes the best way to track them down on the Web.

The first thing to be aware of it the fact that BPB does not often issue codes. For example at the time of writing this post the only code which will work is the  code which if utilized on the BPB website will allow you to purchase 3 wristbands for the price of 2 up to 4th November this year. A search of this site or Money should reveal the code if you are looking for it.

It is almost certain that other than the above mentioned code there will not be any wristband deals available from the middle of June until the middle of September. The reason for this is it is seen as high season in Blackpool with firstly the Scottish schools going on holiday towards the end of June until early August then followed by the schools in England from the end of July to beginning of September and then some public schools going back even later. Consequently BPB know they are able to fill the park with full wristband price customers and will not issue codes.

At this point it is worth pointing out that visitors will always save themselves £5.00 per wristband by booking on-line rather than paying on the gate on arrival as at the middle of May 2012 the prices on the gate are:

12 years old and over £32.00

11 years and under and Senior Citizens £27.00

The prices if booked on-line

12 years and over £27.00

11 years and under and Senior Citizens £22.00

Pleasure Beach Online Prices May 2012










Visitors will also have noticed from the screen grab form the BPB Website that they also offer other products other than unlimited ride wristbands. The Nickelodeon Wristband allows entry to the park and unlimited riding or use on the 12 attractions available in this area of the park.  Holders of the usual unlimited ride  offer can also access all the attractions in Nickelodeonland.

Next up is the Pleasure Beach Pass. This gives access to the park and a few low key rides. Basically this is the best option for granny accompanying the family but not wanting to use the white knuckle rides and not having to pay for the full entry.

If you are a family of 4 then the Family of four ticket may be the best option you are however advised to read the conditions. This ticket will apply as two wristbands for 12 years and older and 2 at 11 years and younger, or a mixture thereof such as 1 at 12 years and over and 3 at 11 years or under.

Then there are the two day options if you wish to come to the park on consecutive days.


Other money saving offers have in the past been offered by Irn Bru that famous sugary drink that persons north of the border have with their cornflakes. Throughout the Summer of 2011 they offered 2 for 1 wristbands purchased on-line with a special code where a special bottle cap had to be produced at the ticket office when collecting the wristbands. It appeared this offer was only available in Scotland where special colour coded caps were distributed to the shops and supermarkets. It is worth mentioning that Irn Bru actually sponsor one of the rides in the park which is called Revolution. Now this particular ride has undergone a complete refurbishment and partial remodelling over the winter of 2011 so it may well be that Irn Bru will repeat this offer in 2012, but as at May 2012 nothing heard as yet. BPB have also in the past teamed up with regional rail companies and did an offer in 2010 with Northern Rail. This is also worth bearing in mind.

Also in the past Tesco have offered wristband saving through their club card scheme. It would appear they are doing this again in 2012. Customers at Tesco earn rewards (loyalty) points for shopping in-store and are able to exchange these for goods, of course one of these could be park Wristbands. At the time of writing they have an offer on where £7.50 worth of club-card vouchers buys 1 wristband. After 11th June this prices rises to £9.50.

Check out for further information..

Tesco Clubcard Pleasure Beach Offer 2012

Tesco Clubcard Pleasure Beach Offer 2012















Notable dates in 2011 for 2 for 1 wristband deals were the Royal Wedding Day  29th April 2011, and on a Monday in October they did one although they make have been testing demand. It is therefore reasonable to suspect they may do something on the next big Royal celebration which will of course be Jubilee day this coming June. Keep your eye on this site and the other usual places to see if this materialises although I strongly suspect it will be dependant on the number of wristbands BPB sell on the forward bookings. Today May 16th 2012 Amanda Thompson Managing Director of BPB and Great Granddaughter of William Bean the founder of the park received and OBE from the Prince of Wales at Buckingham Palace. Yet another reason why BPB may have a feelgood factor and issue a WB deal over the Jubilee weekend.

Other ways of tracking down those deals on the day is to keep an eye on BPB Facebook page and Twitter Feed. These are very often the very first place Unlimited Ride WB deals or vouchers or even other news will be announced. If you are really PC savvy you (as I have done) grab the RSS feeds from the facebook and twitter pages and set them up in your email client. Then every-time a post is made it will be emailed to you.

Finally it is important in these days of austerity that families make the most of their time and of course their money on visits to Blackpool. On this basis Moorbank House offers unbeatable offers on family accommodation. They are also only 5 minutes walk from BPB and will park your car on the site from 11.00am on the day that you arrive. They cannot guarantee access to the room until 14.00Hrs although if it is ready families will be allowed immediate access but at least the most can be made of the arrival day and a full visit paid to the UK’s best loved visitor attraction.







2 for 1 Midweek Offers Madame Tussauds and Blackpool Tower Dungeon

Madame Tussauds and Blackpool Tower Dungeon are offering 2 tickets for the price of one deals through their facebook pages….

How do you get one… Simple Sign into facebook and the load each of these pages (copy and paste into your browser).. and then ‘like’ the page. Keep your eye on your status for any offers they produce and simply click to redeem. They will then sendthe offer voucher to the email you have registered with facebook.


Alternatively click onto these pages and ‘like’ from there.

Watch out for the offers they will look like this….

Blackpool Tower Dungeon FaceBook OfferMadame Tussauds  Blackpool FaceBook Offer If any other Blackpool Attractions post Facebook money savings offers this pager will be updated…


Grand Theatre Blackpool Free Child Ticket

Carneski’s Ghost Train Opening Times and 2 for 1 Voucher 2012

Take a frightening fairground ride through a maze of darkened tunnels inhabited by incredible live ‘ghosts’, creepy animatronics, spectacular magic illusions and moving stage sets!

Following several earlier homes around the world, Carnesky’s Ghost Train is now permanently located in it’s true spiritual home in the heartland of the British seaside – Blackpool, situated opposite theSandcastle Waterpark on South Promenade in Flagstaff Gardens.

Created by award winning theatre producer Marisa Carnesky, the Ghost Train is part ride, part visual theatre and part scare attraction which cleverly combines contemporary attraction technology with age old theatrical illusions.Carneski's Ghost Train Blackpool



During the 10 minute experience guests hurtle around deserted tunnels driven by a mourning mother, desperately seeking her long lost daughters. But all is not what it seems, as a story of disappeared daughters and phantom trains is delivered in four dimensions.

Carneski's Ghost Train Blackpool Voucher 2012




Suitable for audiences of all ages, Carnesky’s Ghost Train is a frightfully fun experience that will leave you screaming for more!









Opening Days as Marked Below from 12.00 Mid Day…….

Carneski's Ghost Train Blackpool Opening Times 2012

Opening Times 2012 Season






Heritage Tram Coastline Tours Information

Heritage Tram Coastline Tours.

Between Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Little Bispham.

Starting on Good Friday6th April 2012 the Tram Heritage Tours will run every half an hour between 9.30am and 5pm throughout the school holidays, at weekends and on Bank Holidays.

During the Illuminations from 31st August to4th November 2012 the tours will run every 20 minutes on weekdays from 5.00pm to 11.00pm and until midnight at weekends. (Illuminations tours board at the pleasure beach only). At weekends and during the October half term, tours will run every 10 minutes.


You can join the Tour at four special stops across the resort and hop on and off during the day.

Blackpool Heritage Tram Stop

Blackpool Heritage Tram Stop




Look out for the distinctive Green Circle Heritage Tram Stops..

These are located at Pleasure Beach Loop, North Pier, Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Bispham.








Tickets are £10 adults and £5 for children with a special £30 family ticket for up to two adults and three children. This ticket is also valid on all Blackpool Transport Bus Services and the new fleet of modern trams across the whole of the Fylde coast. There will also be a £5.00 senior citizens tickets. These tickets will be available in advance from either Blackpool Transport Rigby Road or Market Street Offices and on the day only on the Heritage trams and only on productions of any UK concessionary pass. These tickets will allow unlimited journeys on the Heritage Tours, but unlike the adult, child and family tickets, the senior citizen tickets will not be valid on buses or the new trams nor be available for sale on those services.

Persons using the Heritage trams should note The legislation for the operation of tramways in the UK has changed. This means that the vintage tramcars that used to run regularly are no longer legally allowed to operate within the normal operation of stage carriage service.

Due to the history of the Blackpool Tramway and its importance to the towns tourism a special act of Parliament has been granted in order for a small number of vintage tram cars o continue to operate on the Tramway providing that the operate on tours only.

As these heritage trams no longer comply with any of the requirements to meet the accessibility regulations that enables them to operate from the stations, they cannot therefore stop at these locations and a small number of ground level boarding stops have therefore been provided. These are located at the pleasure beach turning circle, North Pier, uncle Tom’s cabin and Bispham.

It is therefore imperative that visitors understand that they cannot board the Heritage trams at the conventional modern tram stops. They must look out for the special stops marked with a green circular sign an example of which is above.


Heritage Tram Tours Frequently Asked Questions.

Blackpool Heritage Tram

1. Why are the fares so much higher than on the new  LRT (light rail transit) trams?

A. Because the maintenance and operating costs are very much higher. Maintaining and preserving the fleet of vintage trams require specialist engineering skills and so Blackpool transport have to maintain a dedicated team of support staff all year round to work upon them. When you buy Heritage ticket you’re actually directly contributing to the ongoing maintenance and preservation of the vehicles that you ride on, enabling future generations to enjoy the unique experience that your parents, grandparents and great grandparents did. Blackpool just wouldn’t be Blackpool without its heritage trams.

2. What do I get for my money?

A. A Heritage Tour Ticket enables you to make unlimited journeys on either the Heritage Tours (subject to availability), or the LRT (light rail transit) service and on the entire Blackpool transport bus can buy your ticket in the first Blackpool transport bus, vintage or LRT tram that you board get your money’s worth.

3. Can I use my concessionary pass?

A. In line with the terms and conditions of the concessionary fares scheme, concessionary passes are not valid on tours and the operator would receive no re-numeration from the scheme administrators.

4. Can I use my regular travel card or day saver ticket on the Heritage trams?

A. Commercial network tickets are not valid on tours due to the fact that the Heritage tram tours are not part of the public transport network.

5. Where can I buy my ticket?

A. You can buy your ticket either on the day of travel from the first Blackpool transport bus or tram, all advance from either Blackpool transport travel centre at market Street in the town centre or Rigby Road head office, 50 yards inland from the Manchester pub. By mid-summer Blackpool transport also aim to make tickets available to purchase in advance on-line from their website. (

6. What do I ask for when purchasing my ticket?

A. Just ask for a Heritage Tram Ticket.

7. Where can I catch a heritage tram?

A. From any of the following dedicated ground level heritage tram stops: pleasure beach turning loop; North Pier; uncle Tom’s cabin or; this. Lookout the distinctive circular green heritage tram stops.

8. Why can’t I catch the tours from the mainline LRT stations?

A. Because the Vintage trams are not wide enough to meet the platforms and have a variety of step/entrance designed and loading arrangements they no longer comply with the required legislation and therefore cannot operate in regular stage carriage service. They can now legally only operate as Tours for pleasure, cultural, Heritage, tourism and/or educational purposes.

9. Do Blackpool’s heritage trams comply with as accessibility legislation?

A. Regrettably, because of their age and design they do not comply with accessibility legislation. They are therefore not suitable for wheelchairs. They are exempt from legislation for cultural, Heritage, tourism and educational purposes as long as they do not operate as part of the transport network in stage carriage service and on the grounds that a regular fully accessible LRT tram service is operating at the same time. The historic element of the Tramway is seen as an integral part of Blackpool Council’s ongoing commitment to ensure that Blackpool can remain a world-class resort, with special emphasis on culture and heritage. In December 2010, Norman Baker MP, under – Secretary of State for transport wrote, ‘I recognise that the appeal of those vehicles is in their being in their original form and that they have significant importance for the UK. Many disabled people would continue to be able to travel on these vehicles as they did in the past. With the dedicated boarding sites,all passengers will be aware that their boarding a heritage vehicle is not performing public transport service.

10. Can I bring my journey to do some sightseeing?

A. Yes you can! You may re-board at any of the four heritage strand stops on the tour route subject to vehicle capacity.

11. Are the illuminated feature trams part of the Heritage Fleet and if so, will the store because of the illuminations?

A. Yes to both of those! The Heritage lottery funded Western train, plus the illuminated frigate HMS Blackpool and Fishermans friend trawler will all be very active during the illuminations providing evening tours.the only difference in the operation of the illuminations tour is is all tours will be wholly circular, starting and finishing at the pleasure beach. Boarding will not be permitted at any of the intermediate stops on the route. A lighting will however be permitted at North Pier, uncle Tom’s cabin and this in either direction if you so wish. The feature trams may also make guest appearances in their own right throughout the summer on daytime tours.

HMS Blackpool Heritage Tram

HMS Blackpool Heritage Tram

12. Can you guarantee which trams will be operating on specific days?

A No, Blackpool transport cannot make such guarantees, entirely due to the unpredictable nature of operating vintage trams. All crimes are now getting on in years, (the oldest dates from 1901),and inevitably sometimes they don’t want to get up for work in the mornings! This reason Blackpool transport never make any promises that they might not be able to keep.

If there are any further questions that have not been answered here please ask any member of Blackpool transport staff.


Fishermans Friend Heritage Tram


















New Blackpool Tram System                                                                                                                                                                  Heritage Trams in Action


Pleasure Beach Season Pass Offer Blackpool Residents



An exclusive offer on Pleasure Beach Season Passes has been sent out to all Blackpool residents with recent Council Tax bill.

Platinum Pass are available to local residents for £85.00 and Diamond Pass for just £10.00 using the promotional code and proof of a Blackpool postcode. Offer valid until 31/05/2012. This offer is valid to Blackpool residents only and proof of a Blackpool postcode will be required when collecting the season pass.

Platinum Pass gives you an unlimited ride wristband for every day of the 2012 season.

A Diamond Pass gives you a Pleasure Beach Pass for every day of the 2012 season

Residents Passes Blackpool Pleasure Beach


Code for the Platinum Pass is 1216


Code for the Diamond Pass is 1217

Platinum Pass gives you an unlimited ride wristband to be used any or every day of the 2012 season

Diamond Pass Gives you a Pleasure Beach Pass for entry to the Park any or every day of the 2012 season.

£85.00 For a Platinum Pass

£10 for a Diamond Pass

Offer Ends 31st May 2012

Click Here to Buy Online

Proof of residency will be required when you have to collect your pass in person. A Council Tax Bill with the correct name on it should suffice.