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If you are looking for clean cheap family bed and breakfast accommodation in Blackpool Moorbank House will fit the bill.

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Moorbank House is Set in the Heart of Blackpool Close to All Major Blackpool Attractions

Moorbank House Offers Free Parking for Guests.

Blackpool Transport 2012 Tram Fare Prices

Correct as at 26th June 2012

Blackpool Tram Map

Blackpool Tram Map Main Stops Only

Blackpool Tram Fares:

One Stop        £1.00    Up to 4 Stops £1.50     Up to 11 Stops £2.00     Up to 20 stops £2.50

Saver Tickets – Give unlimited Travel on Trams (not heritage trams) and the Blackpool bus network.

Purchased in Advance from Blackpool Transport travel centre in Market Street or Rigby Road or at over 100 paypoint agents (convenience stores around Blackpool)

Adult    £3.50  (£4.50 if purchased on bus or tram)

Child   £2.00  (£2.25 if Purchased on Bus or tram)

Daily Family 2 Adults and 2 Children or 1 Adult 3 Children £9.00

Blackpool Flexity Tram on the Tramway in South Shore

Blackpool Flexity Tram on the Tramway in South Shore

3 Day Adult £10.50

Weekly Adult £13.50 (£14.00 if purchased on bus or tram)

Weekly Child £7.00

Monthly Adult £50.00


Prices for the Blackpool Heritage Trams are Available Here

Blackpool and its History of Big Fires

Fire-fighters have dealt with some spectacular incidents in recent years, probably the biggest being the fire at the top of Station Road in the Grand Hotel on July 28th2009. The incident was attended by 100 Fire-fighters who evacuated 100 people from nearby residences before tackling flames at the 6 storey Grand Hotel. A fire service spokesperson described the scene as like something from the London blitz. As it

Grand Hotel Fire in Blackpool 2009

Grand Hotel Fire in Blackpool 2009

turned out this fire was arson but no one was ever convicted for it. Over the course of the following Months the structure which remained (a lot of it collapsed during the fire) was demolished and a rudimentary car park created. The Paris Casino was also forced to close due to some fire and water damage and the remains of its building demolished after it was found to structurally unsafe. Since the fire the Paris Casino has re-opened adjacent to Blackpool Football Club in Bloomfield Road.

A potential disaster was averted in 1988 when a blaze occurred in the 16 storey Ashworth block of flats in Healey Street. Fumes spread through the whole of the building and firemen were in action across the entire 16 floors. Gas from broken mains ignited bringing the prospect of a huge fireball. Three years earlier in 1985 fire broke out in the theatre at the end of North Pier. The pier was probably saved by the quick thinking of singer Vince Hill and pier manager Philip Lockwood who along with others tackled the blaze with an emergency hose until the fire brigade arrived. This blaze was a perfect example of some of the unusual problems faced by the fire-fighters of Blackpool. The blaze was in the wooden floor of the theatre and the tide was in so the firemen had trouble reaching it and the engines were too heavy to take safely into the pier. Blackpool lifeboat men took out a hose over the side of the pier and attacked the blaze from underneath. The subsequent inquiry placed the blame on a carelessly discarded cigarette end.

But it is the really big fires of yesteryear that Blackpool residents still speak of such as in January 1932 when the resorts largest department store RHO Hills was destroyed by fire. Not only did the fire brigade have to contend with the blaze but also a 50 miles per hour gale was blowing straight in from the Irish Sea. This had the effect of fanning the flames and blowing the water jets off course. The store was next door to Blackpool Tower and they got around the problem by directing the water onto the ironwork of the Tower so that the water could be carried onto the blazing building, consequently all the staff and customers were safely evacuated.

4 years later in on October 7th 1936 a fireman was sadly killed fighting a blaze at Boots the chemist in the town centre. This fire spread very quickly and broke out in the photographic part of the shop which was in the basement, it spread beyond the store to other buildings in West Street, Market Street, Corporation Street and the Town Hall. A leading drapery store Rileys was completely destroyed as were the borough surveyor’s offices and local health insurance offices. Tragically for historians many plans going back over 40 years of Blackpool history were destroyed but the real tragedy was the death of 25 year old Raymond Laycock who was buried below tons of rubble in the basement. He remained trapped for almost 27 hours as his colleagues fought desperately to get him out. When eventually his body was recovered it was one of the most emotional episodes in the history of the Blackpool fire brigade. Thousands of spectators had gathered and remained almost silent as the body was brought out of the collapsed rubble. Officer Laycock had only married 13 days before his death, his funeral was held at St John’s parish church where he had also married.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has been a victim of fire several times. In 1937 the famous Luna Park was destroyed and the following year saw the ornate pavilion of the North Pier go up in flames. In 1939 just before the outbreak of WW2 the Pleasure Beach Indian Theatre was destroyed and in the same year one of Blackpool best known cinemas, the Imperial on Dickson Road became a mass of flames. The 1950’s and 60’s saw several major incidents. In 1956 the beautiful Tower Ballroom was reduced to twisted fragments. Another leading cinema, The Princess on North Promenade was gutted in 1963 and the following year the Rainbow Theatre on South Pier was very seriously damaged. In 1967 lightning did strike twice in the case of RHO Hills which burnt to the ground in 1932 was again the scene of a disastrous fire although thankfully no one lost their life this time.

North Pier Blackpool on Fire in 1921

North Pier Blackpool on Fire in 1921


Blackpool’s first fire station was built in 1878 on the site now occupied by the Hounds Hill shopping centre. This lasted until the mid-1930’s with the brigades headquarters sharing premises with the Police in Albert Road alongside the Winter Gardens with these premises seeing the original horse drawn fire engines and of course stabling for the horses

Fire has robbed Blackpool of historical buildings over the years including in 1989 its oldest. This was a blaze at Continental Bedding in Church Street a building which had previously been a market and at one time ‘Raikes Smithy’ which had its origins three centuries ago. The most memorable fire  was without a doubt that in December 1991, in which the Fun House of the Pleasure Beach was destroyed. Flames leapt 100 feet high and the art deco building dating back to 1936 was totally destroyed. Fortunately, the dozens of firefighters were able to save the rest of the Pleasure Beach and the reaction of Geoffrey Thompson, its boss was to plan to replace with the biggest ride in the world, such was the spirit of the Thompson family and Blackpool. Lost in this fire was the the body of the famous ‘laughing man’ which had for decades before enjoyed prime position at the entrance to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. His head though survived as it was being repaired in workshops nearby. A new body was constructed for the ‘head’ and the attraction made its return.

Pleasure Beach Funhouse as it was in the 1970's Before it was destroyed by Fire

Pleasure Beach Funhouse as it was in the 1970’s Before it was destroyed by Fire







The last 20 or so years has seen much upheaval in terms of regulations and all Blackpool Bed and Breakfast and accommodation providers are now required to have the latest L2 fire alarm systems fitted as a requirement for them to trade. Minimum requirements in this regard are smoke sensitive detectors in each bedroom along with a fire alarm sounder of sufficient decibels so it can be heard clearly and without misunderstanding anywhere in the room. These systems are controlled from a central panel meaning a fire detected in any part of the building will set off the alarm system allowing for a quick and safe evacuation. The new optical smoke sensors are so sensitive they have been known to set the alarms off when a kettle has boiled underneath them or steam from the bathroom shower has entered the room.  Whilst it is good to know that these systems are ultra-efficient it can be a bit of a test when a kettle sets off the fire alarm at 2.00am. Guests were always very apologetic at the time and of course we had some sympathy for them over the first couple of Months of the new installation at Moorbank House back at the beginning of the 2008 season in the time it took us to get the system fine-tuned. Less sympathy was shown to those guests how smoked in their rooms setting off the alarms as yes these smoke detectors even set off the entire alarm system if it detected cigarette smoke.

Booking a Blackpool Bed and Breakfast through the Ages.

The Internet has been with us a number of years now and has touched everyone’s lives in ways which could never have been imagined before its inception. No one for example would be reading this document if it were not for the invention of the World Wide Web.

Blackpool Central Promenade from Central Pier

All these establishments along the Central Promenade would have been Bed and Breakfast type accommodation

As an information and educational tool the internet has had a profound effect on how we look for, buy and pay for things, we are now able to price things up without ever having to speak to anyone or leave our own front rooms. In the case of booking accommodation in Blackpool we can compare prices, read reviews from previous guests, look up quality star ratings and examine pictures of guest’s rooms, all these sorts of things would be impossible before the internet.

Before the Internet came along persons considering taking a traditional holiday or short break in Blackpool would rely upon recommendations from friends and family or perhaps look at adverts in some of the British Sunday papers which used to be the custom publications bed and breakfast and small hotel owners would advertise in. Of course this meant buying the paper and having to choose between any number of similar sized adverts with no idea to the quality and the location of those establishments.

Blackpool has been established as a Seaside resort since the middle of the 19th Century  and became the holiday resort of choice for many of the mill towns and cities such as Bradford and Manchester where many thousands of people would travel for a week or two’s break on the new railway lines which were being laid. These became known as the ‘Wakes Weeks’ holidays and have a special place today in the development and industrialisation of the North of England.

In those days illiteracy was still quite high and many could not read newspapers which even back in Victorian times would carry adverts for Blackpool Bed and Breakfasts and Cheap Hotels in Blackpool.  Of course the telephone system was still very rudimentary and out of reach to the masses of the population. On that basis the vast majority of these people travelled to Blackpool without having pre booked any accommodation nor done any research regarding prices or quality save what friends and family may have told them.

The practice then was to walk from the Railway stations, there were 3 in Blackpool, and find a bed and breakfast by knocking on doors and enquiring of availability and price. This led to entire streets being set aside as Visitor accommodation the evidence we can still see today in the numbers of small hotels still existing in places such as Lord and Banks Street close to what is now Blackpool North Station and Station Road which runs down to the Promenade from Lytham Road and used to have Blackpool South Station at its junction. (Station was moved in 1916). As demand increased and Blackpool became ever more popular in the early years of the twentieth century more trains were put on top bring people and more housing turned over to accommodate paying guests. Even today Blackpool demonstrates whole areas which are full of hotels and guesthouses.

Once availability had been established and prices agreed the landladies would then show the guests to the rooms, tell them what time breakfast and evening meals were served and at what hour the outside door would be shut and locked. Back in those days guests were only given a key for their own room and had to return to the guesthouse by a certain time to ensure they were not locked out of the street door. This practice was still quite widespread into the 1970’s until some establishments sought advertising advantage in offering ‘late keys’ which meant for the first time guests were free to come and go as they pleased 24 hours a day. Of course in order to keep with demand all accommodation providers eventually offered the same service.

Typical Private Hotel Bed and Breakfast Blackpool in Dean Street South Shore

Some Bed and Breakfast’s used the Term ‘Private Hotel’ but in reality it meant little as they were all pretty much alike



Thankfully as literacy rates across the population improved and communications infrastructure came into widespread use the ability to plan and book accommodation ahead, thus newspaper advertising became a stable way of the Blackpool accommodation providers to advertise their properties. Also come the 1960’s and another publication everyone will be familiar with ‘The Yellow Pages’ was born and became the choice of many when choosing goods, services and accommodation. But even so the small adverts these publications had did not offer any real choice other than a name, address, telephone number and maybe a few services.

In many ways potential visitors may well have stuck a pin in the relevant section for Blackpool and started from there. Once they had assembled a list they could have checked the street names against a Blackpool map working out where they best wanted to stay. They would then have to use the telephone to get prices and availability although without that friend or families recommendation they were still pretty much in the dark about quality.

So in this one easy to understand context we can see how a task performed by our great grandparents is now fundamentally easier due to the invention of the information superhighway .

Elton John Concert and Wristband Package Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach are offering a Concert Ticket and Wristband Package for this weekend.Elton John to Play Blackpool 16th June 2012


The Concert is on Saturday evening 16th June and starts at 6.00pm.


Pleasure Beach Wristbands can be used either on Saturday 16th or Sunday 17th June 2012


Book On-line Here Cost for the two events £100.00

Elton John live at the Diamond Jubilee Concert


Pepsi Max Big One from Ocean Boulevard


Did you know that Moorbank House B&B Blackpool appears on

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Dads Go Free on Father’s Day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Dads Go Free next Sunday 17th June at Pleasure Beach Blackpool  Dads go Free Pleasure Beach Blackpool


Blackpool Pleasure Beach is giving all dads a fantastic free day out this Father’s Day!

They are offering all dads a free Unlimited Ride Wristband on Father’s Day, June 17, if accompanied by at least one full paying child.


To take advantage of this fantastic offer, wristbands must be purchased in advance on-line using the code 1270.  To qualify for a free wristband you must purchase one under 11’s wristband and you will get an over 12’s free.


Book On-line Here  Input the code into the box, click the + sign and chose your wristband, it couldn’t be simpler..


Pleasure Beach Blackpool Fathers Day Offer



Horseshoe Show-Bar Two Great Shows Summer 2012

Ken Webster Mentalist and Hypnotist.


Ken Webster has been in the entertainment business for over 25 years. He carved a unique niche for himself as the United Kingdom’s first comedy hypnotists and has now added another twist to his act with his mentalist routine.

Outrageous is Webster’s bread and butter and he has been astounding audiences at Blackpool Pleasure Beach for  24 years. His two hour routine a truly explosive experience involves interactive hypnotic experiences. The show is for adults only and you have to be over 18 years old to volunteer to be hypnotised.

  • Ken is the planets most outrageous comedy hypnotist with the longest running hypnosis show.Ken Webster Horseshoe Show-Bar Blackpool Pleasure Beach 2012
  • He fronted up the longest running hypnosis show in East Anglia.
  • Ken regularly sells out theatres for his Summer hypnosis shows.

The show does not contain any nudity of any description nor does it involve simulated sexual behaviour. Ken Webster is outrageous but never offensive.


Ken Webster is showing every Saturday @ The Horseshoe Show bar at Blackpool Pleasure Beach from 7th April – 3rd November 2012.





Beyond Belief an The Ministry of Magic

Richard DeVere returns to the Horseshoe Showbar for a 4th consecutive year.

The Stage the publication for the entertainment industry recently said of Devere ‘he must rate as one of the worlds top live stage illusionists and the man of the moment as far as magic is concerned. He is one of the leading experts on the art of close up magic and for devising new effects for both stage and television. His exciting approach towards his craft can only be described at revolutionary’.

Devere has played the London Palladium, Zimbabwe, Korea, Las Vegas, Palm Beach, Atlantic City and Paris.

Richard Devere will be joined on stage by his team comprising.. Marc Lawler and Schnotbitz.

Richard Devere Blackpool Pleasure Beach 2012








Sundays Mondays and Tuesdays @ 7.30PM

Sundays and Tuesdays 27th May – 30th October 2012

Mondays 4th June – 29th October 2012

For both shows call 0871 222 9090 for tickets (calls cost 10p per minute)


Richard Devere Illusions

It Moves? Or Does It?


Want to book tickets on-line? Look Here for prices and ordering details