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Blackpool Merlin Attractions

Merlin Attractions Blackpool

Blackpool Tower

The Blackpool Dungeon

The Tower Ballroom

Blackpool Tower Eye

Blackpool Tower Circus

Jungle Jim’s Adventure

Madame Tussauds

Sea Life Centre

There are the Blackpool Merlin Attractions.

Merlin Attractions are second only to  Walt Disney when it comes to delivering family based resort entertainment. Most people will associate them with the London Eye the giant Ferris Wheel built on the banks of the Thames to celebrate the Millennium although they have attractions and theme parks in many other Countries around the globe.

Merlin arrived in Blackpool in 2010 and quickly set to work transforming the Tower and other attractions in Blackpool which it  purchased at the same time into world class family attractions.

Blackpool Tower

Most of the Merlin Attractions are situated in and around the Tower. The only exceptions are Madam Tussauds which is located on the Promenade opposite Central Pier and the Sea Life Centre which is positioned on the Promenade between Madame Tussauds and New Bonny Street just down from Blackpool Tower itself.

Blackpool Tower Eye

The Tower is in itself a huge Tourist attraction and can be seen from all over town, indeed when arriving by car or train it is the first landmark than be seen from a distance before entering the town. Best views of course are from the top. Before the ride up visitors will be treated to a 4D cinema show full of sensory effects which bring the full range of weather Blackpool has to offer to life. Be sure to look out for the glass walkway at the top which will give you views of the passers by on the Promenade several hundred feet under your own feet. On a clear day and looking out to sea to the far left you can see the Mersey Estuary, North Wales and the Mountains of Snowdonia. Half Right and you might be lucky enough to see the outline of the coast of the Isle of Man. To the far right you should be able to see the numerous wind-farms off the coast, the Large Submarine sheds at Barrow in Furness and the Mountains of the Lake District. Inland on a clear day you can see the Pennine Ridge which forms the backbone down the centre of England.

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon 

The entrance to the dungeon is actually around the back of the tower in the pedestrian precinct in Bank Hey Street. Modelled on similar attractions in York, London and Edinburgh and in wider European cities Blackpool Tower Dungeon has proved a huge family hit since it opened in 2010. With 10 attractions and rides and actors strategically placed to scare the bejesus out of you as you stroll the dark corridors you and your family will have an experience you will never forget.

Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Is situated deep inside the structure this iconic landmark has been drawing visitors since the Tower opened in the nineteenth Century. Enjoy afternoon tea dances whilst being serenaded on the huge Wurlitzer Organ whilst marvelling at the architecture designed by the legendary Frank Matcham. Avid Ballroom fans will recognise the attraction as hosting several recent BBC Strictly Come Dancing semi finals.

Blackpool Tower Circus.

Marvel at Mooky the Clown and his brother Bubu as they perform acrobatics and illusions beneath the 4 giant legs of the Blackpool Tower. The 2013 show involves a World Adventure where Mooky and Boo travel from the UK to the Continent and around the World on a non stop journey involving stunts, acrobatics and comedy.

Jungle Jim’s Adventures

Jungle Jim’s is the ultimate indoor adventure playground for kids. With slides and ball-pools the kids are guaranteed hours of fun.

Madame Tussauds 

Mention Madame Tussauds and people immediately think of the chamber of horrors deep below ground on Marylebone in the heart of London. Blackpool’s version is a little  in that it concentrates on the TV stars past and present. From Crime Drama to Docu Drama and the Big Night to Sports, Music and of course with this being Blackpool Coronation Street in visitors will think they are walking amongst the famous.

Sea Life Centre

Young kids will love seeing the 200+ sea creatures and animals on display. New additions are the Turtle Shelter where the kids can get interactive with the animals. Be sure not to miss the interactive sessions where experts will talk and answer questions about the sharks, tropical fish, and turtles on display and keep your eye out for the interactive rockpool where visitors can get up close and handle a starfish or crab.

Ticket Options

Merlin provide a ‘Big Ticket’ which gives entry to all the attractions listed on this page and which is valid for one visit to each and within 90 days of purchase. Current prices for 2014 are:

Individual Ticket Adult Purchased on the Day £90.20  Bought On-Line £45.00 , Child Ticket £32.50 giving a massive saving of £45.20 on the adult price for booking online. (Individual Ticket Prices for All Attractions would be at least £79.20 if purchased individually).

In addition there is the Blackpool Resort Pass which includes all the attractions named here and includes the Pleasure Beach, Nickelodeonland, Sandcastle Water Park, Blackpool Zoo and Blackpool Model Village. This is a new pass for 2014 and will cost only £78.50. A smaller version is available which is priced at £52.50 but does not include the Sandcastle Waterpark, Blackpool Zoo or the Blackpool Model Village attractions.


Latest News from the Merlin Attractions in Blackpool including any offers they announce will be listed in the panel to the right of this page.