Sandcastle Water Park

The Sandcastle is the largest indoor water-park in the United Kingdom and promises hours of slippy slidey wet fun for you and your family. Set around a tropical beach the temperature is set at a constant 84 degrees Fahrenheit the park was opened in 1986 on the site of the former open air baths in South Shore  Blackpool where elder readers will remember the various Beauty Pageants which used to be televised from the site.

The Sandcastle water park is currently home to 5 thrill rides including the Master Blaster which is the Worlds longest indoor roller-coaster water slide which snakes all around and in and out of the park inside large plastic tubes. As you are entering you will actually see some of these tubes which cross parts of the Promenade.

Other Rides at the Sandcastle include:

  • The Sidewinder: A near vertical drop terrifies the rider(s) as they are propelled from side to side across the half pipe surface whilst being buffeted by water spray jets.

  • Typhoon Lagoon: The name for the large swimming pool where every half hour a siren announces that the nice calm swimming pool is about to become a huge stormy sea for 5 minutes.

  • Duelling Dragons: Two fast closed tubes which rotate and plunge, race each other to the bottom.

  • Aztec Falls: Ride a very steep tube in darkness, but beware the chasm and the corkscrew before the exit.

  • Lagoon Bay: Aimed at the much younger visitor this area is shallow water with hidden (and not so hidden) water cannons.

Visitors can always save 10% off the door price by booking on-line at the Sandcastle’s own web site  at least 7 days before arrival. There is a £1.50 booking charge but it still works out cheaper.

Best value tickets are for family groups. Full details and prices are available on the Sandcastle Website.

Moorbank House is an ideally placed bed and breakfast close to the Sandcastle and our Sandcastle Waterpark page will always have the latest news and offers for the attraction.

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